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Cat paws are so soft... :3
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Drawing, cosplaying, and manga, my 3 passions in life. Oh and Orlem, my bestest friend, cosplay buddy, fellow otaku and awesome boyfriend X3

Besides those things, I'm a crazy Disney otaku and animal lover. I can't live without having something Disney on me XDDD I'm also huge about being eco-friendly and caring about nature and our environment. There's only one Earth, so we all have to work together to take care of it, right? :)

If you would like to browse through some pics of my cosplay, here's my and here's my ACP:…
It's basically the same stuff I posted on here so it might not be that interesting though... =3=

Anyway, thanks for visiting my page and have fun~ ♪

Current Residence: Pokopen
Favourite genre of music: Phantom of the Opera <3 and anime theme songs <3
Favourite style of art: manga XD
Operating System: Windows, Mac, they're both good in their own ways :3
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: whut?
Wallpaper of choice: GINTAMA ALL THE WAY, YO!
Skin of choice: huh?
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse XDDDD
  • Listening to: Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
  • Reading: Sgt. Frog
  • Watching: Ranma 1/2
  • Eating: I just ate but I&#039;m hungry??!
It's time for another long post again for what I did cosplay-wise in 2013! Gotta do this before my brain forgets errything.

This year, I got around to doing a lot of cosplays I'd wanted to do since last year so that was cool! I never ran out of ideas because of this, and once again, in the end I had too many I wanted to do so I had to cut a bunch... ;w; but there's always next year!

LET'S DO THIS (it's really hard trying to write while listening to the Phantom soundtrack but I DON'T WANT TO TURN IT OFF. There might be a lot of typos and incorrect

Yui Hirasawa & Haruhi Suzumiya (K-On! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) - ConNooga
Orlem's a big Haruhi fan and I suggested he do Haruhi since he likes her so much, and I made the costume for him and he just wore my wig, hairband, ribbon and armband. I just had to make the sailor uniform top and skirt and I made it in about a week. I'm used to sailor uniform tops by now but I suck so bad! XD But he was happy with it and basically wore it to every con this year so that's happy~! I decided to cosplay Yui at this con since it'd be like a costume-swap with Orlem, and I didn't have to buy/make anything for it :) It was fun! And super cold omg. It was snowing ;A;

Tomari Kurusu & Hazumu Osaragi (Kashimashi) - MomoCon
Kashimashi cosplay was something we'd wanted to do since before we started cosplaying XD So naturally, I knew exactly what the designs looked like and had an idea of how I wanted to make it. I made both of these in about a week too. The hardest part was finding a short-sleeved white button up shirt... WHY do they not exist here?! I ended up buying long sleeved shirts and cutting the sleeves off XD I'm really proud of the patches; I drew them with fabric marker on white twill fabric and sewed them onto the one-piece skirts the morning of the con! XD These two characters match mine and Orlem's personalities perfectly btw lol.

Kamui (Gintama) - MTAC
Yay Gintama!!! I'm happy with the way this Chinese-style top came out; it's a huge improvement since I made Kagura's two years ago! And yay for already having some capris I could wear, so no pants-making! Basically I've had like... 3 people recognize the character (people also thought I was Kagura lol) but that's okay! XD It was fun cosplaying with my friend who was Gin! I borrowed an awesome umbrella from him as a prop so a huge thanks for him for that!!

Dark Magician Girl & Tea Gardner/Anzu Mazaki (Yugioh!) - MTAC
Probably my proudest cosplay I've made ever since I started making cosplays in October 2009! And I made it in like a week along with the Anzu cosplay, to boot! XD I can't really explain the process, since there really wasn't one and I had to think really fast and just plow through so I can't even remember how it went. After it was done I was so relieved and exhausted that I forgot everything basically lol! I'm especially happy about the little yellow belt thing; I like how I was able to make them stick out like in the art and on the figure! I'm also happy with the way Orlem's Anzu jacket came out since I really suck at making suit collars XD I was also able to make functional buttons for it so that was cool! :)

Lum (Urusei Yatsura) - Animazement
My 30th cosplay!!!! And coincidentally it happened to be Lum! <3 I grew up with Urusei Yatsura (my dad is a big fan) and it's my ultimate favorite manga hands down (with Gintama as a super duper close second)!!! I never thought I'd have the guts to do this version of Lum but I just said I'm just gonna do it and I really don't care lol. I started gathering materials for this cosplay back in November of last year. It was really fun making her costume too! I got to draw all the tiger stripes so they looked exactly how I wanted and I wanted to make the costume as close to the original manga as possible. It was also my first time with contacts! And I added fangs and pointy ears for extra detail. I was so scared to walk out in this costume obviously lol, but after a while I got used to it and I really enjoyed wearing it! Got to meet so many Lum fans so it was awesome!! Also got mistaken for Cham Cham (Samurai Shodown) too haha! XD

Kareha & Asa (Shuffle!) - SeishunCon
I made a Shuffle uniform for me and Orlem for a group for SeishunCon with my friends! I love the uniform design and it wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be to make. And this costume is when I finally FINALLY perfected my sailor collar patterning skills :I Now I can make any sailor collar fit perfectly and I'm so happy and proud I figured it all out!! ;A; Ohhh yeah! Also, I'm happy our uniforms fit in well with the Bodyline ones they had! Thanks to :iconmanray89: for letting me look at her uniform and going fabric shopping with me! <3

Alleyne & Heart Aino (Queen's Blade & Arcana Heart) - DragonCon
Omg I'd been wanting to cosplay this character for 2 years! And it was once again about to be put off for financial reasons, but I just decided to go with it since I didn't want another year to pass :I All the putting off and indecisiveness made me have less time to work on this cosplay so was tough but it went pretty smoothly and I love it! ;A; I'm proud of all the details I put into the costume (thanks to Orlem's figure) and people were happy to see Queen's Blade cosplay! Hoping to be able to make her spear at one point ;A; As for Orlem's Heart costume, it turned out super cute! I made a decent button up shirt I'm proud of (this time I didn't forget to interface the collar like I did for Schrodinger orz); this was another cosplay that I'd wanted to do in the past, but Orlem did it since he's the fan of the game!! :)

Roll Caskett (Megaman 64/Megaman Legends/Rockman DASH) - DragonCon
The second of 3 cosplays I was trying to finish for DragonCon. This one was easy and didn't take much time! My belt broke like the second I wore it though because I'm stupid and I accidentally cut it where I shouldn't have and attempted to sew it back together but it decided to fall apart anyway :T Other than that though, I love how this one turned out and I loved the responses from all the Megaman Legends fans! >w<

Schrodinger (Hellsing) - DragonCon
My favorite cosplay from this year!! I'm proud of the way it came out and I love the character design!! So cute!! I especially love how his shirt is yellow (my favorite color!!) although it was a pain in the butt trying to find that yellow fabric. Cat ears are the best :I

Asa Shigure & Shiori Shiomiya (Shuffle! & The World God Only Knows) - AWA
I cosplayed Asa using :iconManRay89):'s Asa wig for Thursday of AWA for fun! And I made a Shiori cosplay for Orlem for the weekend. That costume was kind of a challenge - finding the right colors (all different shades of pink that would look fine together lol) and the uniform didn't make any sense to me for some reason. It came out fine though and I thought it looked really cute! ^^

...And that's it! 8 cosplays I made for myself and 6 for Orlem, so that's a total of 14! Not bad! XD I already have a ton of cosplays I wanna do for next year and I'm sure I'm gonna be adding a bunch more during the year! XD Can't wait till the next con! Although I'm enjoying not rushing around making cosplays like a madman for once! XD

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